Hello guys! I know the post its self hasn’t reached 100 notes and it’s not August 25th… but I have gotten 286 survey responses. That’s a lot for me to go over… Thankfully, I’ve read them as they’ve come in! What, I have nothing better to do! So here is the deal: I am choosing the first ten to…




Anonymous asked:

could i have the password for the new heathers link please? Thanks :)

Im sorry, as i said in my post i will not be publicly posting the link until i reach a certain number of followers. Thank you for your understanding! <3

Anonymous asked:

Are you going to post the bootleg on YouTube again? I know you did on vimeo but do you think you'll ever try again?

I don’t think so, to be honest I got an email last night from the Heathers the Musical email. They politely asked me not to and even explained there side of the story. out of respect I will not be reposting the link on youtube. (and if the vimeo gets taken down, i cant say i would post a replacement) this does not mean i will not be giving out the password anymore, because i will… just not posting new links. haha <3

Anonymous asked:

hi! can you post the actual video for heathers the musical? i tried the links you posted but youtube banned them. so maybe you can post it directly on tumblr or post another link if that's impossible?? if you dont want the video on your blog mabye create a side blog? or email it to those who request it? thank you!!

The link I had was taken down.



The whole Heathers tumblr musical/recording thing is the biggest bullshit I have ever seen

You’re making fanworks for a musical about cliques and bullying, and being a clique and being a bully????

Saying that nobody else is allowed to make fan recordings until you are done is the biggest…

This is so true!!